Just a little clarification…

For those of you who are crazy like totally addicted to MTV’s Jersey Shore, allow me to set some things straight…  As a native Long Island Italian-American, I can honestly say that WE ARE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!!  I watched about 15 minutes of that dumbass show last Thursday and had to turn it off because it made me throw up in my mouth a little. 

Seriously?  Come on… 

Now, I won’t tell you that there aren’t SOME people who live on LI that are more concerned about their tans, their muscles, who they’re going to sleep with and where they are going to get drunk this weekend, but NOT all and CERTAINLY not me!

Maybe it’s cause I’m older than them, married with children, and tipping the scales a little higher than I want, but THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT.  

That show is a poor representation of the Italian-American community and they make us all look like assholes.  Thanks MTV.

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