My version of confrontation.

Ok, so for 30 of the 31 years I’ve lived in my house the end of my street has been a regular street corner.  In the last seven years, a smoke shop and check cashing place opened in a small shopping center on the other side of the avenue at the end of my street.  The smoke shop has been robbed twice in the last three years and the thieves have parked their cars feet from my house.  Now in addition to the smoke shop and the check cashing place a little further up the block, right on the highway is an “adult”shop. (Nice to have there at the end of a residential street…)  So we occasionally get litter on our property from garbage up the street.  Lots of times I’ve found covers to porn tapes blown onto the grass or condom wrappers (at least they’re being safe) and it’s gross.  Really really really gross.  And I don’t want my kids to see that shit on my property so I grab it up and throw it away.

Finally, there’s a major highway very close to my street and you can turn off the highway right onto my street.  I can’t tell you how many times people have come right off the highway, blown the stop sign at the avenue and rocketed down my RESIDENTIAL STREET where CHILDREN play at 50-60 miles an hour… 

Finally the neighbors got fed up with all the crap that’s coming down the block they started a petition to close the end of the block and make it a dead-end.  Ok, cool, where do I sign?  Petition went before the mayor, and before all the other bigwig kiss my ass and I’ll give you what you want people and we got them to shut down HALF of the corner.  Half??  Excuse me?? How do you do that?  Some of the neighbors were worried about the garbage trucks getting down the street, and oil trucks, and school buses.  FUCK THAT!!  If they need to get down the street they’ll figure it out!!  (And for the record, my son’s bus stop was changed this year so I now have to walk him past that freaking corner every morning along that busy ass avenue past empty beer bottles, trash from the chicken restaurant on the other side of the highway, used condoms and dead pigeons, to the block behind us so there is no bus coming down our block anytime soon!)  But I digress…  So HALF the corner closed.  It is now a one way exit only right turn.  In translation, you can only exit out of the block and make a right turn.

Herein lies the problem.  It’s been like this for two years.  TWO FUCKING YEARS!  Do you know I still see people coming in the exit?  The exit actually curves to the right so if you were to come in the wrong way, you have to maneuver your car around the median.

Just this morning, I was walking my son to the bus stop and this ASSHOLE in a DARK GREEN VAN stops in the street and proceeds to come in the wrong way.  He’s looking right at me as he’s doing this and I’m staring him down.   (Sometimes I wish I had lazer vision or the ability to project my thoughts into other people’s minds.  If this guy could see what I was thinking, he’d be dead behind the wheel)  I’m shaking my head at this guy, trying to tell him don’t do it asshole.  And as he drives past me onto my street he just nods at me and smiles.  So I scream at him that there’s a sign there that says DO NOT ENTER and he just waves. Jerk. And then I flip him off.  What else can I do?

I wanted so badly to follow him and tell him off, but flipping him off is as close to confrontation as I get.  I fantasized about finding him on the next block and stabbing him in the eye with a pen and then dragging him to the DO NOT ENTER sign and bashing his head into it until he could see it clearly. But I had to get home to the baby.  Oh well…   

My neighbors are telling me that the town is planning to completely close off the end of the street.  Yeah…  I won’t hold my breath for that to happen.  Thanks!

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