Blue Bunny Ice Cream is my own personal GOD; Gamestop is king!

Happy Holidays everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful holiday season and are now getting ready to ring in the new year with your family and friends. Anyone have any New Year’s resolutions that they’d like to share??

I plan to lose a little weight. Ok, a lot of weight… Ok, I’ve got to lose the weight of a small 6-year-old before my cousin’s wedding in 2011. “2011!” You say. “But that’s almost two years away!” Yes, of course it is, BUT, this is especially difficult for me because I have no will power. As I write this, I want to walk my fat ass to the refrigerator and get some ice cream. I used up all my will power three years ago when I quit smoking. Of course, quitting smoking in my opinion is easier than losing weight. I relied on my laziness to get me through the cravings. I didn’t feel like trekking my ass upstairs to go outside to freeze my ass off to smoke a cigarette so that I could cough my ass off in the morning. (notice how a lot of this has to do with my ass? That’s probably why it’s so FAT! Cause I kept losing parts of it when I smoked.)

Anyway, losing weight requires exercise and watching what I eat.  I watch what I eat.  I watch it go in my mouth as I eat it.  Most of the time though, it’s ice cream (my downfall… mmm, blue bunny cookies and cream!).  Not very good for me, I know, but it’s tastes so good and I just can’t resist it!  And the exercise thing…  I have two kids, they exercise me enough… Nuff said. 

Now you understand my dilema.  So I’m looking at the differences between the Wii Fit and the EA Sports Active.  I put it out to my FB friends and have gotten some great responses.  I’ve searched it out too and I think I’m leaning towards the EA Active.  It is my understanding that the Wii Fit has games and stuff that are fun and the whole family can do blah blah blah.  It is also my understanding that the EA Active is like having your own personal trainer.  I think that’s what I need…  Ultimately I’d like to strike it rich and hire my own personal trainer (or maybe pay someone to exercise for me cause my ass is too lazy to do it myself) or maybe just take a Zumba class at the local women’s gym, but that’s not in the cards right now hence why I’m looking at video games.  I’ve got exercise videos.  I’ve got Tai Chi DVDs and videos, Yoga videos, even an old Billy Blanks video where he got lost in his own routine (needless to say I only used that video once.  DUH!) but I can’t do videos cause my VCR is now in my son’s room and I’m certainly not going to be shakin my booty in his room surrounded by his legos and action figures. (that’s also why I threw out all my husband’s porn videos cause where would I, I mean we, I mean he watch them?? But that’s another post.)  The Wii is in my room, and it’s easier to squeeze in a quick workout early in the morning before they get up or after they go to bed or even while the baby’s sleeping and the boy is at school.  Of course, I also understand that the trainer on the EA Active is pretty tough so I can’t guarantee I’d NOT put my foot through the TV while it’s yelling at me…  Actually that’d be a pretty good feat for me cause the TV is on top of a cabinet that makes it about level with my head.  Anyway, if anyone out there has either game or both games and can give me an idea of what the hell I’m getting myself into, feel free to comment below!

Now, have you seen the Wal-Mart commercial where the two men are outside in the snow sifting through their garbage after christmas and one of them looks at the other and says “What’re you looking for?”  That was me today…  We got my son a PSP for Christmas.  Pretty cool right? Yeah, I know we’re a couple of cool parents.  Anyway, I digress…  Well it turns out that the battery door on the PSP won’t stay on (crap!) and has to be returned.  Ok, no problem, we’ve got the receipt, Scott put it on the dresser of my old room where we wrapped the presents for the kids on Christmas eve.  One problem…  my aunt stayed in that room while she was here for Christmas and after she left this morning the receipt was GONE!  Now WTF am I supposed to do?  We tore the whole house apart.  I wish he’d just handed it to me and I’d stuck it in my pocket like I do all the other receipts.  BUT NOOOOOO!  He had to leave it on the dresser and when we freaking NEED it it’s GONE!  (I think my aunt took it by mistake, but she hasn’t called to confirm that.) So picture me out in the rain (cause it’s not completely miserable unless it’s raining out) going through the garbage looking for this lost receipt.  I couldn’t find it.  We decide to bring it back anyway and I would turn on the waterworks if necessary (cause what geek can refuse a woman in tears because he husband lost the receipt and her son is devistated cause he can’t play his PSP).  We get to Gamestop and who calls me  up but a pretty blonde CHICK (crap!).  So I play the stupid husband card.  I tell her that my husband bought this for my son and the battery door won’t stay on but we can’t find the receipt is there anything you can do?  She says “I have to look it up.”  What?  You can LOOK IT UP??  I tore apart my WHOLE HOUSE looking for this FUCKING RECEIPT and you can just LOOK IT UP??  Grr…  Her manager looked it up, wrote down some numbers on a piece of paper, and then told me “Ok, you can go look around.”  They replaced the PSP and exchanged the game that didn’t work for two others that did.  Thank you Gamestop for not making me fake cry/get angry/threaten to kill one of my children and/or husband!

Oh, and remind me to tell you about how my husband has decided to quit smoking on Christmas Day and I promised him sex everyday if he can continue to not smoke…

Nite all!

*NOTE: In the process of writing this post I DID drag my FAT ass to the refrigerator for some Blue Bunny Cookies n Cream Ice Cream.  If only exercise were as yummy as ice cream…

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4 thoughts on “Blue Bunny Ice Cream is my own personal GOD; Gamestop is king!

  1. 10 days later… just thought you’d all appreciate knowing that I picked up the Wii Fit Plus and have been working my ass off every night for the last three nights… OUCH!! 🙂

  2. bridget

    i think i’m late on this. the trainer on EA Active isn’t tough, however the motion sensitivity can be crap, especially when you’re doing lunges. overall i think it gives a much better workout than wii fit since you can do the 30 day challenge, where wii fit lets you do whatever you want, which can result in resting on your laurels and doing what is fun instead of challenging. right now i -love- jillian michael’s 30 day shred, which is a dvd and it is a total ass kicker and it’s only 20 min a day.

    • Thanks Bridget. I will look into that. 20 minutes a day is better than an hour and a half! Doesn’t Jillian Michaels have a Wii game too? I think I may need something interactive… Anyway, thanks!

  3. UPDATE!! Hubby has gone back to smoking. I have gone back to not exercising… we’re even…

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