UPS can kiss my ASS!!

I want to state this for the record.  I WILL NEVER USE UPS AS MY SHIPPING COMPANY AGAIN!!  And neither should you.  Here’s my problem peeps…

Hubby used to have a reptile business.  We used to breed and sell bearded dragons. You can probably see some of our dragons in website I just linked to…  So we recently closed up shop and gave our dragons to another breeder.  We had these cages is a shed in my backyard that we need to get rid of.  My husband sold them to some guy in Idaho for real cheap.  At first we didn’t want to ship them cause they’re like 50 pounds and would cost us and Idaho guy a fortune.  Well, Idaho guy found a middleman website with would ship our cages through UPS cheap.  Ok, cool.  No problem.

1/3/10 we get the cages packaged up and UPS comes to take them.  We thought they were packaged just fine, bubble wrap etc.

1/9/10 we get an email from UPS stating that there was an exception to our shipment


What the hell do you mean “merchandise discarded”? You just threw out my cage?? Without contacting me first?

1/11/10 we get an email stating:

Exception Reason: DAMAGE REPORTED

Claim under investigation… ok. Guess I’ll just wait and see what they come up with. I have to be covered for SOMETHING. Even if it’s just refunding me the shipping because THEY broke it and then THEY threw it out.

I called them the other day and they told me that I’m S.O.L. cause the cage was insufficiently packaged.  But how can they tell me the package was insufficiently packaged if they no longer have my package to prove it!??  Do they not want me to see how badly they destroyed the cage??  Are they hiding something??

So I get on Twitter (@mastermindmommy) and BLAST the shit out of them!  Do you know that within 5 seconds of tweeting them, someone from UPS contacts me on Twitter??  He gives me an email to follow up on my problem.

I send them the following email:

Hello this is an email in response to a conversation with ThomasAtUPS on twitter.  I am Mastermindmommy.  This is the tracking number for the package that was damaged and then thrown away.


My customer now wants a refund and I am without a cage.  It was a 36″ reptile cage wrapped in bubble wrap.  How it got damaged I have no idea.  Why it was just thrown away without anyone contacting me before hand, I don’t know.  How it got all the way to Spokane, WA before being broken, I don’t know.  Needless to say, I expected to be covered under whatever insurance UPS offers, but when I called this morning I was told that it was due to insufficient packaging and there was nothing UPS could do.  I am NOT happy about this.

If there is anything that can be done, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,
Jennifer Miller

They respond with the following:

Hi Jennifer:
My apologies for the frustrations you’ve experienced with this shipment.

I contacted our Corporate Customer Relations team for help. This group is essentially our SWAT team for special customer issues. You will hear back from a UPS team member.

Debbie Curtis-Magley
UPS Public Relations

Ok, cool.  SWAT’s on their way.  Here’s what I get…

From: <>
Subject: Re: UPS
Date: Friday, January 22, 2010, 3:35 PM

Ms. Miller,
Thank you for contacting us about this issue.  I want to make sure I have the correct tracking number. The tracking number that you provided was addressed to ####### is this correct?  You stated in your email that the damaged item was a cage.  Our damage report is stating the contents was glass.  The reference number is saying “cage 2”.  Was this item made of glass?  All claims are handled with the shipper who is ALL PRO P2P.  You must contact them about this claim. I am truly sorry about this situation.  Please follow up with All Pro about the damaged item. You may contact me if you have any additional questions. All Pro may contact UPS as well to discuss this claim.  Again, thank you for notifying us about this issue.

Best regards,

Teri Miller
UPS Corporate Customer Relations

GREAT!  So now I have to go through the middleman??  So needless to say, I’m still waiting.  I’ve contacted the discount shipper who credited me my shipping charges, but I’m still waiting to hear if UPS is  gonna man up and take responsibility.

My customer is being really good about all this too.  I just sent him back what I got from the middleman and hopefully UPS will come through and I can refund him his money.  It’s not my fault they broke the cage and then threw it out…  I will not be the one to lose out on this.

So kiddies, the moral of the story here today is, DON’T USE UPS CAUSE THEY WILL BREAK YOUR STUFF AND THROW IT AWAY!!

Don’t even get me started on the time my UPS driver left one of my lizards on the truck and it almost died!!  My customer back then was not as understanding as Idaho guy is.

Will keep you all abreast of the situation, but as it stands right now, I’m gonna be out some $$ soon and IT’S ALL UPS’s FAULT!!

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4 thoughts on “UPS can kiss my ASS!!

  1. Ann

    Have the same problem, package got damaged.. sigh

  2. Brekke

    I am having the EXACT same problem!!! I shipped myself some of my Mother’s things after she passed- Everything was individually wrapped, fragile was written of every side of the boxes, and they refused to deliver because of damaged goods! Now they tell me that they went through it all and discarded the broken items… THEY DISCARDED MY MOTHERS THINGS!!! UGH!!!! I am beyond pissed and I can’t speak with anyone till business hours monday morning when I can pick up my “remaining” items. I feel sorry for the person working the front desk that day.. ;(

  3. Thanks for the UPS customer service hq #. Many headaches with UPS and the UPS store with an insured sculpture that arrived broken. As a business woman myself, I subscribe to the 3R’s — Repair, Replace, Refund. No hassles, no middleman. Just me and my customer.

  4. Sara

    I’m going through this as well. I sent a box 18×18×18 full of brAnd new brand name clothes an ipod, makeup, jewelry, school supplies, and a lot of other things to my fiancé’s daughter for school. I started inquiring about it shortly after sending it from the store cause I was not receiving any updates through my UPS the only thing it said was a label was maDe and that was it. No scans no where. They would not start looking for it till it had been 24 hrs after the estimated time of delivery. Mind you it was from Houston TX to Biloxi MS so there should if been some kind of scan somewhere. But alas still couldn’t do anything till 24 hrs. Well of course the 24 hrs had passed an still nothing but me being on the phone and nothing happening. They started an investigation finally and they started in gulfport MS when I told them since there was no scans it should start here but what the hell do i know. Well I just got text update from myups saying merchandise is missing. UPS. Will notify sender with additional details/all merchandise missing empty carton discarded. UPS will notify the sender details of the damage. SEriously WOTFoh and did I mention it says its in Stafford TEXAS. How the hell are you going to discard about a 1000.00 worth of clothes and school supplies? My theory is you don’t someone stole itmore than likely. In going down to Stafford Texas tomorrow. They ruined his daughter first few days of school she litteraly has nothing cause her stuff got burned up in a fire and they are also makingbher loose faith in her father not to mention i am a disabled Veteran and it took me a over a week to put that box together.

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