This is why I shouldn’t be left alone with my thoughts…

So I was reading Barefootfoodie‘s blog today and she’s talking about how HS sucked for her because in her senior year we’ll say her interests went in a different direction. She mentioned how she could have been Katie Holmes and awkwardly married to Tom Cruise, yadda yadda yadda… (and I don’t even like Seinfield) Anyway she was talking about how her friend is now a famous rock star and suddenly the theme song to Barbie and the Rockers popped into my head. (this is where my stream of consciousness is really fucked up) Now if I’m dating myself, forgive me, but when I was a kid, Barbie and the Rockers were like the coolest thing! And they had a GREAT theme song “we’re Barbie and the rockers! We look so cool, we’re always in the groove.” and then there was some other stuff and then they said their names “Dee Dee and Diva too!” I never said my memory was completely intact! Jesus, give me a break!

Anyway, then I started thinking about my old dollhouse and I realized that I had the greatest dollhouse EVER!! It was totally AWESOME! Completely metal, with a front door that opened, and chimney that I constantly knocked off, and little plastic furniture that you could rearrange in any way you wanted. It's a crappy pic but it's all I could steal...  :)

Of course the rooms had pre-printed walls so you couldn’t like put the bathroom in the living room or the bedroom in the kitchen, it just wouldn’t go with the paper. I remember countless hours playing interior designer lining up the dinning room chairs (cause they ALWAYS fell down) and setting the refrigerator just so. I never had dolls that were the right size for the doll house tho. I remember playing with my Barbies (and the Rockers) and my brother’s GI Joe’s. (that relationship didn’t last long… Joe was just too short. I mean, he didn’t mind being boob height, but Barbie being a fickle bitch just wanted him to look her in the eye!)

So then I started wondering what the hell happened to that doll house and if it’s still somewhere in this house would my daughter like it…  so I do a search on ebay for “metal doll house” and look what I found… Isn’t it AWESOME!!  I’m so totally buying my kid a metal doll house…

Oh, and if you’ve never heard of Barefootfoodie before, you should check her out.  She’s absolutely FUCKING HYSTERICAL!!

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2 thoughts on “This is why I shouldn’t be left alone with my thoughts…

  1. THANKS! And OMG, I LOVED Barbie and the Rockers, but I am STILL bitter my mom never bought me a doll house!

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