I need to join Snore-anon…

You know those Nyquil commercials they’ve been airing lately?  “For a better looking morning.” or some such shit…  You know how they show those ugly sick people snoring their brains out after taking Nyquil?  Yeah, I deal with this EVERY FUCKING NIGHT!  Not that my husband necessarily looks like that guy, but let me tell you, he snores like him.  And when he’s sick, he just doesn’t know how to cover that shit up.  We can be sleeping comfortably, facing each other and he’ll be dead asleep and suddenly, he’ll cough.  Right. On. Me. Ew.  And it’s not one of those little dainty coughs either.  It’s one of those lip flappin, spit filled sleep coughs that is so filled with germs I don’t know how I don’t get sick right on the spot.  Most nights are spent with the blanket positioned just so so that when he does cough it doesn’t go all over me.  Other nights I’m wide awake with the comforter in my hand using it as a shield every time he coughs.  I’d sleep with it over my head if it didn’t feel like I was going to suffocate in there. (I have a problem with that…)

Tonight however, I was awakened by a coughing baby, and after quieting her, I lie in bed hoping to fall back to sleep when this rip-roaring, ceiling tile rattling, wake the neighbors three doors down kind of snore comes out of my husband and now I am fully awake and cannot go back to sleep.

Thank hun.  Love you too.

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3 thoughts on “I need to join Snore-anon…

  1. bridget

    snoring can be a sign that something is wrong with his airway, especially if it’s a constant thing. he might want to get checked to make sure it’s not sleep apnea.

    • I don’t think it’s sleep apnea. He’s got sinus issues and a hiatal hernia. That’s why he snores. He never stops breathing unless the it’s the hernia or I hold the pillow just right… 🙂

  2. My suggestion is check the www for natural snoring remedies. Start with the light ones, like raising the head while sleeping, exercising and watching the diet. If it doesn’t help then try other means.

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