Hotel-ing it.

We're on our way!!

We're coming for you!!

Every year for the past 10 years my husband and I have gone to Florida to visit his parents. (except for the two years they moved back up here, but that’s another blog post.)  More often than not, we jumped in the car and drove the length of the eastern seaboard usually making the drive in anywhere from 17 to 23 hours.  There were a few times we flew, but with the kids and the amount of crap we have to bring for them it’s usually easier and cheaper to drive.

This year, we chose to drive BUT instead of driving all day and night and possibly putting our lives at risk, we decided to drive for 12 to 13 hours and then stop and get a room and re-start the drive the next day.  Good idea/bad idea.

See, my son was whining that he wanted to see the Kid’s Choice Awards that were airing that day.  So we stopped early.  We found a Best Western in Latta, SC. The beds were clean.  That’s about all I can say about that place.  And the man behind the counter was very nice.  He called me “Ma’am”.  I know it’s a sign of respect, but really??  Do I look like a “Ma’am”??  I wanted to jump over the  counter and beat the living crap out of him.

Anyway,we got bad Chinese food delivered to our room.  Don’t ever order Chinese food in South Carolina (Ma’am).  Just don’t, ok?  Shoulda just stuck with Wendy’s across the street.  And the Kid’s Choice Awards??  They were supposed to start at 8 right??  NOPE!!  Not in Latta, SC (Ma’am)!!  I heard from my friend after we got back that they started at 8 back home.  What the FUCK??

Picture this if you will…  The TV’s on and showing Spongebob ’cause hubby and I are clueless about the whole time delay in Latta, SC (Ma’am)…  And we’re waiting…  and I’m getting annoyed cause baby girl won’t go to sleep ’cause Spongebob is on.  It’s 10pm (do you know where your children are?) and I finally lose it.  I made hubby shut off the TV and turn off the lights cause I’ve been up since 4:30 and he got to sleep in the car while I drove but when he drove who wanted their blanket, who wanted a drink, who wanted a hug, “Mom?”  “Momma momma momma!”  AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!  I wanted to jump out of the car and run away!

Finally…  success!!  Baby girl falls asleep.  And shortly after that, Mommy goes too!

Now I forgot to mention that just before we sit down to our bad Chinese food, the tooth that my son had been battling with for weeks finally falls out.  (actually I yanked the little bastard out so I didn’t have to listen to him whine about it all fucking week.)  So when I awaken at 1am to find my son just shutting down his father’s computer (hubby let him watch the KCA’s online) I realize that the Tooth Fairy still has to come.  Damnit!  Now I gotta stay up for that!  3am and that bitch FINALLY shows up!  And she didn’t have a fucking key either!

So with the Tooth Fairy business taken care of, I can finally get some sleep…  Only to spend the rest of the night with a pair of feet in my ribs.  Man, I love that baby girl, but if she didn’t take her feet out of my side I was gonna flip her right the fuck off that bed.  I didn’t though, cause the floor was too dirty.  And she’s my baby…

Now, wasn’t it a good idea to stop and get a room??

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4 thoughts on “Hotel-ing it.

  1. Frank D.

    This honestly the first link of yours that i have read..

    And it was hysterical. not gonna miss another one, that’s for sure…

    But, I am concerned about your anger issues, but, I didn’t read about any ear-pulling incidents… LOL

    All the BEST!

  2. Isn’t that the worst when you do something you think will make your life better and it turns out to add to your stress! I am visiting you today via Jill @ Scary Mommy. Isn’t she the best? : ) Hope the rest of your trip was fabulous!

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