When I get so old that I get annoyed at young families for making a little noise in the movies, please shoot me.

Dear Old People Sitting in Front of Us in the Movie Theater,


I can’t help the fact that my 2 year old has to tell me that she has to go potty.

You have no right to complain.

If you’re going to sit near a family with small children in a movie, you have to expect A LITTLE NOISE!

I hope you enjoyed the rest of the movie my kids didn’t get to see because you couldn’t handle a little “Mommy I need to go pee pee.”

And also, I hope a bird poops on your car and you can’t get it off.

And you have to drive around with bird poop on your car FOREVER!

Unless you try to tell it “ENOUGH” and expect it to listen, like you did to me and my kid.

And then you can go get a manager and try to get them thrown out because the bird’s husband called you a fucking c*nt (for the record, I hate that word and don’t like it being used unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. This lady was a c*nt.) because you have the BALLS to say that my kid shouldn’t be in the air because it pooped on your car. (or something, I’m so mad, I’m not making sense!)

May I state, that aside from two trips to the bathroom, my kids were GOLDEN in that movie theater.

And you know what? I’m GLAD that my daughter told me she had to go potty.

I’m GLAD that she is finally getting the potty training thing that I’ve been trying to get her to figure out SINCE DECEMBER!

And I hope that you sat through the rest of that movie feeling bad that you made us leave. You made us have to take my son out of the movie he’s been wanting to see FOR MONTHS. Why? Because you’re so old you forgot what it’s like to have little kids? Because you have ice in your heart and forced a family with little children to leave a movie because you can’t handle a little noise? You could have found another seat. The handicapped seats were open. You could have hobbled your old ass over there and sat there undisturbed.

And then you have the nerve to call me a “stupid bitch”?? ME?? When I said NOTHING offensive to you!! I did NOTHING but try to make the situation right. I took my daughter out of the theater. I tried to control my husband’s language. I could have sat back and said, “You don’t like it, there are other places to sit.” But no, I tried to appease you and you still call me a stupid bitch??

You know what?? FUCK YOU CUNT! I hope your tits dry up and fall off, and your twat develops a mysterious case of flesh eating disease. And I hope in your afterlife you are sentenced to haunt a movie theater that’s showing a movie you really want to see, but the people behind you won’t stop talking… AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!


Also, thank you manager man at National Amusements in Farmingdale for not throwing us out.  Thank you for siding with us because that woman is a c*nt and she’s the one who deserved to be thrown out for cursing at me right in front of you.  And thank you manager man and security man for making us feel like we matter and we’re not just some family with obnoxious kids.  BECAUSE WE’RE NOT.  Thank you.

Photo courtesy of National AmusementsWell, sorta.  I took it off their website.  Here’s the link.

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One thought on “When I get so old that I get annoyed at young families for making a little noise in the movies, please shoot me.

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