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Pissed off and not liking it.

So can I tell you how pissed off and invariably heartbroken I am right now??  I can’t fucking believe that after only four months the Moms group that I blog for (Silicon Valley Moms Group) is shutting down.

Actually the group has been around for four years but I’ve only been a part of it for four months.  I really loved being a part of it.  It’s helped me to write more and explore avenues outside of myself and my family.  I just went to an event last month in NYC and met some incredible ladies and got some awesome stuff and it didn’t look like they were doing all that bad.  They also had another event last weekend in DC and now BOOM, it’s over.

Some of the AWESOME ladies I met at the SV Moms Group event in NYC last month

I’m just in a state of shock and sadness over all this.  What the fuck am I supposed to do now??  Are there any other groups out there like this one??  I’m sure there are and I will find them, but DAMN!  Why’d it have to be like this?

I’m brand spanking new to this whole blogosphere thing, and my position as contributor to the NYC Moms Blog was my foot in the door.  Now my toes hurt cause the door slammed shut on them.  OUCH!

I get it that the founder lost her mother and needs to be with her family.  I do not fault anyone for wanting to do what is best for themselves and their families.  I’m just feeling a little angry and hurt over the whole thing.  That’s all.

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Melvin the Magnificent Molar (a book review)

Meet Melvin.  Melvin the Magnificent Molar.  I was recently approached by the authors of this delightful children’s book, Julia Cook and Dr. Laura Jana, and asked if I would introduce Melvin to my children and give them some feedback.  I did and I have to tell you, it is well worth it.  Melvin is absolutely adorable!!  This book is certainly my daughter’s favorite potty time read.  (hey, she’s sitting on the pot, the least I can do is give her something educational to read!) It is an educational and fun book that teaches children the importance of taking proper care of their teeth and seeing the dentist on a regular basis.  My favorite are the sleeping scummies and the x-ray machine in the beginning.

Although a little long for my two year old to handle in one sitting, she just loves looking through all the pictures and asking “What’s that Mommy?”  She loves the idea of the Tooth Fairy (well, any kind of fairy) and is eager to brush her teeth now at all times of the day or night, not just when someone else is doing it.

I like that it helps to ease the fears that some children have about going to the dentist.  Often times, adults avoid seeing the dentist and do not make it a priority for their children.  This book makes it fun, and just about the entire visit is described and illustrated in vivid detail. (save for the wait in the waiting room, which can be the most nerve-wracking)

The book is available through the author’s website or through I highly suggest it for any parent whose got a little one reluctant to brush their teeth.  Go!  Go get it or I will start singing the “Happy Tooth Song”!

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Don’t anybody try to make plans with me in advance, chances are I’ll have to cancel.

It’s ok, that I go out tomorrow night, right?

No.  I’ve got people coming for corals and shit tomorrow.

What the fuck do you mean you’ve got people coming? When were you planning on telling me you were having people come?

Don’t be so dramatic.

I’m not being dramatic! I have to clean this pigsty we call a room where you keep that fucking fish tank that has sucked more life out of me than both your children combined!!

Where were you going tomorrow night?

To see a band in a bar with my friend.

What friend?

My newly separated friend. [Insert friend’s name here]

You know you’re 30-something now, not 18.  You shouldn’t be going to bars to see bands play.


Yes, I’m 31, but what the fuck?   How many nights a week does he leave me to go play pool in his league?  Does he think I’m going to come home with someone??  Is he afraid to be with my  our children for too long?  Maybe it’s cause he can’t smoke when he’s got them.  Maybe it’s cause he doesn’t like them.  Maybe it interferes with his computer game playing.  Maybe he’s just an asshole. I don’t know what his problem is, but it needs to stop.  I’m not his daughter, he doesn’t need to remind me of my age and that I should be acting it Mr. I smoked pot with some idiots cause I felt like I needed to fit in with those losers.

Friday  night it’s supposed to just be us.  It’s supposed to be “Family Night”.

We stopped that when you started playing pool and going to your fish club meetings on Friday nights.

I only did that once. So don’t fucking try that shit.

Fine, whatever, I’ll cancel.

And tell her it’s all your fault I have to cancel these plans we’ve had for MONTHS!!

Obviously, my husband and I have communication issues.

I should have gotten a dog instead.

And for the record, if this gets back to him, I will deny it to my grave and then hunt you down and kill you.  So don’t anyone tell him…

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Classy Chocolate Pound Cake Mix (via Tastefully Simple’s Birthday Blog)

Hey! Did you all know that I sell this stuff?? OMG It’s freaking awesome and the Classy Chocolate Pound Cake is MY FAVORITE!! It’s so chocolaty and light and yummy and you can WIN a WHOLE FREAKING CASE!! Go there. Now. Enter. Because I told you to!!

Tell us your favorite ways to enjoy Classy Chocolate Pound Cake Mix. We’d love to hear about your best tips, recipes and fun stories! … Read More

via Tastefully Simple's Birthday Blog

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