Don’t anybody try to make plans with me in advance, chances are I’ll have to cancel.

It’s ok, that I go out tomorrow night, right?

No.  I’ve got people coming for corals and shit tomorrow.

What the fuck do you mean you’ve got people coming? When were you planning on telling me you were having people come?

Don’t be so dramatic.

I’m not being dramatic! I have to clean this pigsty we call a room where you keep that fucking fish tank that has sucked more life out of me than both your children combined!!

Where were you going tomorrow night?

To see a band in a bar with my friend.

What friend?

My newly separated friend. [Insert friend’s name here]

You know you’re 30-something now, not 18.  You shouldn’t be going to bars to see bands play.


Yes, I’m 31, but what the fuck?   How many nights a week does he leave me to go play pool in his league?  Does he think I’m going to come home with someone??  Is he afraid to be with my  our children for too long?  Maybe it’s cause he can’t smoke when he’s got them.  Maybe it’s cause he doesn’t like them.  Maybe it interferes with his computer game playing.  Maybe he’s just an asshole. I don’t know what his problem is, but it needs to stop.  I’m not his daughter, he doesn’t need to remind me of my age and that I should be acting it Mr. I smoked pot with some idiots cause I felt like I needed to fit in with those losers.

Friday  night it’s supposed to just be us.  It’s supposed to be “Family Night”.

We stopped that when you started playing pool and going to your fish club meetings on Friday nights.

I only did that once. So don’t fucking try that shit.

Fine, whatever, I’ll cancel.

And tell her it’s all your fault I have to cancel these plans we’ve had for MONTHS!!

Obviously, my husband and I have communication issues.

I should have gotten a dog instead.

And for the record, if this gets back to him, I will deny it to my grave and then hunt you down and kill you.  So don’t anyone tell him…

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4 thoughts on “Don’t anybody try to make plans with me in advance, chances are I’ll have to cancel.

  1. bridget

    that hardly seems egalitarian if he’s able to go out and do stuff without the family. i’d suggest not backing down so easily but obviously i don’t know the situation.

    • B- I love you. You’re always the first to comment and always have the best advice. I’m a wuss, plain and simple. I don’t like confrontation so I quickly back down, but I’m good at making him feel guilty after I’ve conceded…

  2. bridget

    aw, thank you. it’s funny that my advice is good because i think we live such totally different lives that it’s hard to know if what i see/do or how i behave is applicable (primarily since i don’t have kids and i do think that’s a huge life step thing)

    making him feel guilty doesn’t make up for the fact your friend whose going through a hard time got bailed on at his insistence though…and in the long run these sorts of inequalities are just going to end up leaving you feeling more and more pissed off. i mean it’s kinda evident through your strike-text that his stuff is already bothering you.

    point being, you should be able to go out and have fun with your friends regardless of age or family or whatever. it’s totally reasonable for there to be compromise

  3. Jimmy

    Hey! Do you need me to talk to little Scottie for you! I TOTALLY will and you know he will listen to me because Momma Miller loves me more! 🙂

    Love the Blog… keep it up!!!

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