Playing the Prince

“Here Mommy, I will be the beautiful princess and you will be the handsome prince.”  Little Miss approaches me in one of her many princess dresses, in her hand is a bright green cape adorned with dollar signs.

The cape, circa 2008.

I hate that cape.

It is scratchy.

And annoying.

And it reminds me of our worst vacation ever to Lake George a few years back where we won that cape at an amusement park.

But I take it from her and put it on.

“Why do I have to wear this cape?  Do all princes wear capes?”

There is no reasoning with a three year old.  “Mommy, you have to wear the cape so you can be the handsome prince and rescue the beautiful princess from the dragon.”

“Yes, but why do I have to wear the cape?”

“C’mon Prince!” I’m not winning this one…

“Ok, where’s the beautiful princess?” I say, putting on the scratchy, annoying  worst vacation ever cape.

“MOMMY!  I’m right here!”

“Oh, YOU’RE the beautiful princess?”

“Yes, now lets go fight the dragon!”

“Wait, I thought I was supposed to rescue you from the dragon. Not fight it with you.”

“Look!  There’s the dragon!  Let’s go fight it!” she says pointing to our 9 month old husky puppy.

The dragon!! AHHHHH!!

“But that’s Chewey!  That’s not a dragon!”

“MOM! We have to go fight the DRAGON!”

“Oh, alright, but you should really change your dress, I don’t think Snow White would appreciate it if you got her dress dirty fighting a dragon.”

“We’re going to get you dragon!” Insert various fighting sound effects here. 

Dragon, disguised as a nine month old husky puppy, yawns, rolls over.

“C’mon Prince!  Let’s get that dragon!”

“Wait!  Do you really think we should try to fight the dragon if he’s sleeping?  I mean, he’s not really bothering anybody right now.”


“Ok, ok…  let’s get the dragon!”

Dragon, sensing that something is afoot, gets up and walks to the back door wanting to be let out.  He wants nothing to do with this.

“YAY!!  We ran the dragon, out of town!  HOORAY!! Now we can go take a nap.” I say, my hand reaching up to remove the scratchy, annoying, worst vacation ever cape.

“No, there’s another dragon over there!” She’s intent on “getting” a dragon.

“There is?  Where?”

“Over there. By that chair.”

“What color is it?”

“Ummmmmmmmm, pink.”

“With purple polka dots?”


“Oh, we can’t fight him…  there’s a law against fighting pink dragons with purple polka dots.  We could go to jail.”

“We’re not going to jail!  There’s no police to take us to jail!  Let’s fight that dragon!”

“Look!!  Max and Ruby is on!”

“Max and Ruby!!  Can I have a snack??”

And thus ends my stint as the handsome prince wearing a green, scratchy, annoying, worst vacation ever cape.

I love playing with my kids.  And really, why WOULDN’T you want to play the prince to this??  

The Beautiful Princess

This is an original ROSCMM post and was written for the From Left to Write Book Club. and was inspired by The Costume Trunk, by Paddywhack Lane, a copy of which I received free from the publisher for the purposes of this book club, and no, you can not steal my content unless you specifically ask me for it first. It’s called copyright, yo.



Copyright 2011 MastermindMommy

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6 thoughts on “Playing the Prince

  1. bridget

    you cockblocked adventure time for television!!!


    • Its not cockblocking when its your three year old… and you’ve been up since 4:30am…

      And they distract just so easily…

      • bridget

        oh i’m sure it’s got to be exhausting. i think i’m just anti television in general (like, i rarely watch it now) though i’m guessing at 3 there are only so many enrichment type things a kid can do (being as i don’t have kids i have no idea what a 3 yr old would even dig outside of either playing or sleeping

  2. bridget

    though i would wear a scratchy green cape for no man, woman, or child 😉

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  4. Ha! I think mommy deserves a nice prince hat for future adventures.

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