Staying Strong

It’s 8:19am on Father’s Day 2012. I have been up since 6am trying to keep myself occupied. Today is also the day of my Mother-in-Law’s funeral. God, even watching those words appear on the screen, I still can’t believe it. It all seems so unreal (sureal?). I honestly never thought this would happen. Then again, I think I always knew this would happen. She’d been suffering for so long. The cancer appeared over three years ago, and even then we knew it would get her eventually. It’s never easy when a loved one dies. This I know. It’s even worse when it’s a parent or spouse. I can only imagine what my husband, his brothers and their father are experiencing. I don’t want to go into how much she meant to me, or how special she was or how lost I’ll be without her. If you know me personally, you know what she meant to me and how I feel about her loss.

This is what I want to share with you today… I am currently staying with my Father-in-Law, attempting to help everyone else who loves him deal with the death of the love of his life. I am also trying to be “the rock” my husband needs so that he can begin to cope with the loss of his mother. It’s not easy, I am learning…

Yesterday, I found this in the bedroom in which I am sleeping.

I like to think that this is a sign from my Mother in Law to hold on. To be strong. I know I have to be because if I lose it, so will everyone else. I have to stay strong for my husband, my children, my father in law.

Thanks Ma. I got your message. I’ll take care of them, I promise.

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One thought on “Staying Strong

  1. Amy K

    I’m glad you got her message!

    I’m here to be your rock if you need. I know it can get tiresome always being the rock.

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