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The Phoenix Art Studio and Gallery

This weekend, I had the pleasure of reuniting with an old friend from high school at her brand new art studio!  I have known Krissi McVicker (Byberg) since we sat together in Mr. Albano’s creative writing class and sang together in concert choir and the shows.  For as long as I have known Krissi, music and art have always been the center of her world.  Now, after being a public school teacher for over 15 years, and struggling through a heartbreaking divorce,  she has finally given life to her passion and opened her own art studio.

“I found this place through a realtor, and it just spoke to me,” she says of the beautiful space she has transformed.  A former yoga studio, the space already had natural wood floors and the same color wood panels on the walls.  There are windows all around that allow in lots of natural light, and bare piping along the ceiling that give the studio an organic feel.  Nothing is covered up here, which helps patrons feel like they can be themselves, that they don’t have to hide anything.  

The walls are adorned with all sorts of beautiful pieces, both for sale and for show.  


lovebirds… my favorite!!

And not only are the walls beautiful, but the tables are too!  Krissi built her own work tables by salvaging antique doors and, using decoupage, transformed them not only into a sturdy workstation, but a source of inspiration. Each table has a different theme.  And each table is more beautiful than the next.


Krissi offers Paint and Sip nights most Monday and Friday nights from 7-9pm. “I’ll also eventually have mixed media those days in August from 2-4. 

Petite Picasso (children’s summer camp) will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3:30. 

 Fall schedule will change and be more accessible to new mom’s and other crafty classes. Also on most Weekends, I’ll have other paint nights, Family days, Date nights, etc.”

The Phoenix is also in talks with a certain charity in regards to “Paint it Forward” events and fundraisers.

Want more info? 

 You can reach her at:


Or just stop by!
The Phoenix Art Studio and Gallery

 573 Middle Road

Bayport, NY

Thank you Krissi,  for inviting me to your beautiful new space.  I wish you all the luck and success in the world.

This is an original ROSCMM post.  All opinions are that of Jennifer herself unless otherwise noted.  I received no compensation for this post other than the joy or seeing my old friend again and the embarrassment of calling her and her twin sister by the wrong names. (I’m so sorry about that!)  

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