Parenting FAIL


For anyone who hasn’t seen this…  This is why Mommy needs to be better potty trained…  I was in the bathroom.  My daughter was alone in my bedroom.  I come out of the bathroom and find this:

I swear she's going to be tattooed when she gets older...


Sorry, the picture quality isn’t that great, but that’s my Blackberry for ya!  I swear when’s she’s old enough, she’s going to be tattooed from HEAD. TO. FUCKING. TOE.  Crap!!  She actually climbed onto  my desk chair, onto my desk  and grabbed the Sharpies that were on a shelf above my desk.  She then proceeded to write not only on her legs, but my bed sheets, and the carpet.   Three days later and it still hasn’t come off…  STOP LAUGHING!!

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