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Pissed off and not liking it.

So can I tell you how pissed off and invariably heartbroken I am right now??  I can’t fucking believe that after only four months the Moms group that I blog for (Silicon Valley Moms Group) is shutting down.

Actually the group has been around for four years but I’ve only been a part of it for four months.  I really loved being a part of it.  It’s helped me to write more and explore avenues outside of myself and my family.  I just went to an event last month in NYC and met some incredible ladies and got some awesome stuff and it didn’t look like they were doing all that bad.  They also had another event last weekend in DC and now BOOM, it’s over.

Some of the AWESOME ladies I met at the SV Moms Group event in NYC last month

I’m just in a state of shock and sadness over all this.  What the fuck am I supposed to do now??  Are there any other groups out there like this one??  I’m sure there are and I will find them, but DAMN!  Why’d it have to be like this?

I’m brand spanking new to this whole blogosphere thing, and my position as contributor to the NYC Moms Blog was my foot in the door.  Now my toes hurt cause the door slammed shut on them.  OUCH!

I get it that the founder lost her mother and needs to be with her family.  I do not fault anyone for wanting to do what is best for themselves and their families.  I’m just feeling a little angry and hurt over the whole thing.  That’s all.

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