No More Excuses

This month the from the From Left to Write Book Club is reading Maria Kang’s The No More Excuse Diet. As a member of the book club I have received a copy of this book for free for the purposes of this blog post.  

Maria Kang is the founder of the not for profit Fitness Without Borders and the mom featured in the controversial photo entitled “What’s your excuse?”.  The photo, featuring Kang in her workout gear and smokin hot body and her three children, went viral in 2013.  Many saw her as an inspiration, others saw her as a “fat shamer”, making people feel bad because they don’t look like her.

Personally, I saw it as an inspiration.  If she can do it, why can’t I? What’s my excuse? My excuse is that I am lazy and losing weight is the hardest thing in the world for me.  I love food and I don’t want to stop eating the foods I love.  And exercise is hard.  It’s so much easier being lazy and staying fat.  


In my new place, I have to climb stairs. 

Huff puff. 

I have two kids that need to be everywhere at the same time. 

Huff puff.  Oh, my back! 

I have a very energetic dog who needs exercise or he becomes destructive and annoying. 

Huff puff.  Oh, my back! Oh, my knees! 

I assist my boss at the dance studio with a class of three year olds.

Huff Puff. Oh, my back! Oh my knees! Oh, my feet! 

And then there’s this…

This is the costume that I will wear on stage in front of a couple hundred complete strangers (and a few not so strange) when those three year olds perform their dance for their recital in June.

Now, I know nobody is going to be looking at me.  They’re all going to be looking at those adorable little girls in their sparkly tutus and bright pink bows. And those little girls are the ones they should be looking at.  

But I have to look at me. 

And I don’t like what I see.  

And I intend to do something about it. 

I’m already on my third day of eating under my calorie goal.  The weather hasn’t been nice to me this week, so walking the dog or getting to the gym hasn’t happened yet, but it will. I’ve learned that my body needs to trust that it will be fed consistently so that it won’t go into starvation mode and store fat instead of burn it.  I’ve learned that drinking all that water really wakes you up in the middle of the night.

This time five years ago I was twenty pounds lighter, what the hell happened? How do I get back there? How do I get past that? 

I am NOT making excuses anymore.  

Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid issues all run in my family.  My kids need to see their mommy healthy and finally happy with the way she looks.  And I need to teach them new eating habits and the importance of exercise. 

I need to do this.  They need to learn it from me

So, what’s MY excuse? I don’t have any.  Not anymore.  Thanks Maria Kang. 

This is an original ROSCMM post. This post was written for the From Left to Write Book Club and was inspired by The No Excuses Diet by Maria Kang, a copy of which I received for review purposes. All opinions are that of Jennifer herself unless otherwise noted. Copyright 2015 Mastermind Mommy

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Wanna play a game??

I know I’ve said this before… Losing weight is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. (second hardest was quitting smoking, yep, heard that one before!!)
I was recently approached by the folks at Dietbet.com with an interesting way to “up the stakes” (ha ha) in my weight-loss and perhaps make it more exciting. (cause let’s face it folks… dieting is BORING)
Have you heard of DietBet? It’s a clever new way to lose weight … they call it a “social dieting game.”By turning your weight loss goals into a competition, it turns losing weight into a fun sport. And by putting money on the line, they make it possible to get paid to lose weight!

DietBet is hosting an “NYC Moms Dietbet” that starts on February 12 and ends 4 weeks later on March 11. The buy in is $40. Each player’s goal is to lose 4% of their body weight. We use before and after photos that are privately submitted to DietBet to verify winners. Those who reach their weight loss goals of -4% will split the pot among the winners, not a winner-take-all model.

Like-minded Moms in the DietBet can support each other by sharing healthy family-friendly recipes, workout tips and words of encouragement.

Let’s make this citywide Moms game HUGE.

Get your friends to join — the more players, the more competition, the more fun, and the bigger the pot. This game is not exclusive to Moms in NYC, so feel free to invite your non-NYC Mom friends!

To join the NYC Moms Dietbet, sign up at http://www.dietbet.com/nycmoms-mastermindmommy

Now let me tell you a little about Dietbet.com

As per their website:

“DietBet is pioneering a whole new way to lose weight. We call it Social Dieting.

With DietBet, 90% of people lose weight. Why? Because we bring people together to lose weight as a community. The conventional approach to weight loss is to focus on the individual … “calories in, calories out”. Look around: it isn’t working.

As Drs. Christakis and Fowler write in their book Connected, weight gain is a social problem and it requires a social solution. We agree! By making weight loss a fun, social activity, DietBet provides accountability through competition, collaboration, and financial commitments. And because DietBet isn’t winner-take-all, players end up supporting each other and laughing their way through the whole experience.

Losing weight doesn’t have to feel tedious and lonely. Try it and you’ll see how a game can change your life!”

You can read about this and so much more on their website dietbet.com.

Now, who’s going to join me in this challenge??

Who’s up for a little friendly competition??

Don’t you want to win some cash while losing weight and having FUN??

Join me and the NYC Mom’s Diet Bet here : http://www.dietbet.com/nycmoms-mastermindmommy

This is an original ROSCMM post. All opinions expressed here are that of Jennifer herself. Full disclosure: the author has been compensated for writing this post and inserting specific links into it. She will also be compensated when others join her in the challenge.

Copyright 2013, Mastermind Mommy

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A Sweet Revolution!

For those of you who don’t know…  I’m on a quest to lose some weight for the two weddings I have to attend this year.  That, and I’m just fat and can’t breathe…  So, of course I’ve found that losing weight is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do with the exception of quitting smoking (five years this October, YAY ME!).  I’ve discovered that I have absolutely NO drive to get off my butt to exercise nor do I have any will power to resist the late  night cravings of ice cream and chocolate.  I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about how I’m not losing any weight since I’m really not doing anything to help myself. (Actually, I am helping myself, to whatever I want…  and lots of it.)

Enter Tiffany at Bloggy Moms. I haven’t been blogging for very long and I know when I first started, I signed up for all these groups including Bloggy Moms.  So her email comes with a request for bloggers to try and review a no calorie sweetener.  Hmm…  food??  I’M IN!!

Now I’ve tried a few artificial sweeteners, and all of them have left me with a bad taste in my mouth, quite literally.  My mom has been using one particular sweetener for YEARS.  I always ask her how she can stand the aftertaste and her response is usually, “You get used to it after a while.”  In my opinion if there’s something about a product that you have to “get used to” it’s not worth the effort.  I’m looking for something that tastes like sugar, can be used in my coffee and my cereal without any aftertaste, and won’t give me cancer in the next fifty years.  Is that too much to ask??

I think I have found the answer!

Ideal Sweetener

Ideal sweetener is not like other sweeteners.  According to the Ideal website, “Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that can be found in many fruits and vegetables and is even produced by the human body as part of the normal metabolism of glucose.  With its low glycemic index, xylitol is a great alternative for people with diabetes since it is metabolized independently of insulin. ”  According to my taste-buds, “WOW, NO AFTERTASTE!!”  Oh, and it’s good for your teeth too!  Read about the benefits of Xylitol for your teeth here.   But its not good for pets, especially dogs.

Ideal comes in packets like the other guys and also in bags for use in cooking and baking.  It comes in white, brown and a confectioner’s variety!  In fact, on the back of the bag of brown is a great recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  It called for both the white and the brown,so I grabbed up my three year old and we proceeded to make a huge mess, oh and some cookies too. YUM!!

Mommy, I want to mix!


Yes, I let her lick the beaters...

Into the oven!

The finished product.

The cookies were really good!!  I replaced the raisins with dried cranberries and my family went NUTS for them!  But the really convincing factor was when my mom used it in Grammy Smith’s Scotch Bars.  Mmmmmm, mmmm!!  I don’t think Grammy could have tasted the difference herself! (sorry, no pics of that, they went so fast I couldn’t stop chewing to snap any!)

Ideal sweetener is the perfect artificial sweetener to replace some of the sugar in your diet. I now use it everywhere I would normally use sugar, coffee, cereal, coffee, fresh fruit, coffee, and all of my baking and cooking. (Did I mention coffee?)

There’s a store locator on the Ideal website so you can find a store near you that sells it. So give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.











This is an original ROSCMM post. The product mentioned in this post was provided to me free of charge (or at a considerable discount not available to the public) for the purposes of writing this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not a result of any compensation or free products received (although they are both openly accepted.) and no, you can not steal my content unless you specifically ask me for it first. It’s called copyright, yo.

Copyright 2011 MastermindMommy

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Stand back!! I have a uniboob and I’m not afraid to use it!!

Quitting smoking was the SECOND hardest thing I’ve done in my life.  Losing the weight I put on after I quit is the first.

So, if any of my Facebook friends have been paying attention, I’ve been making it very public that I am fat and need to lose some weight.  I’ve put on some weight between giving birth to two children and that quitting smoking thing.  I’d like to get my dancers body back and give myself a back what little self-confidence I had B. C. (before children).

When word of my cousin getting married in 2011 hit I knew I had to do something…

I got the Wii Fit.

I lost something like 2 pounds.


I tried using the treadmill that’s collecting dust in my basement.

I lost something, but it wasn’t any weight.

I lost my balance and stepped off wrong and practically broke my foot.  Dumbass.

I tried dieting.  My friend told me that switching to one of those sugar substitutes would cut out some stupid amount of sugar from my diet. So I cut out sugar from my coffee (I know, right!) and soda.  I also tried implementing more healthy meals into my family’s repertoire.   My husband wrinkles his nose at whatever new dish I try.  Makes me want to not have sex with him… I tried a food journal.  Writing down everything I ate and not seeing a difference in my weight only made me dread the task.  I tried cutting out sweets in general; no desserts, no candy (except the gum I STILL have to chew to avoid a cigarette craving), no ice cream, nothing.  Mmmm…  ice cream…

I quickly discovered that I have no will power.  None.  Nada. Zip.  Zero. (Ok, wait a minute, I lost my train of thought cause I had to go get me some ice cream.  Can you say FAT BASTARD? Aw, COME ON!  It’s Rocky Road!)  So, yeah, no will power.  It was basically depleted when I well… you know.


Then a friend told me about Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred workout video.  I was a little reluctant because on her show she’s this mega bitch that nobody likes.  Another friend of mine told me she was annoying, but the workout was good.  And shit, 20 minutes a day is a whole hell of a lot better than an hour on the Wii whilst my children whine in the background.  I can squeeze it in at the end of the day after the rats go to bed or I can do it while the booger naps.

Photo courtesy of jillianmichaels.com

I’m sold.  Walmart $9.  Go there.  Buy it.  Seriously.

I have to FORCE MYSELF to get off my ASS everyday to do it.  My reasoning:  “it’s only 20 minutes.  I can do this.”  I annoy all my Facebook friends by posting it as my status.  (I know I annoy you all, but if I don’t post it, I don’t DO it.  And I NEED to DO it!  Thank you all for letting me annoy you.)  I even went to Walmart and bought sports bras so I can sport the uniboob look and not give myself a black eye while doing my butt kicks and jumping jacks.

I have lost so far 9 pounds.  I am replacing muscle with fat.  I mean fat with muscle.  and obviously brain cells with mush

I kinda fell off the wagon a little when we went away on vacation.  I wasn’t about to be huffing and puffing to Jillian while my mother in law looked on trying to relax and enjoy myself…  And then I got my monthly visitor.  Ugh.  I hardly do anything that week except brush up being a bitch and getting mad at my husband and children.

Then what happened??  I forget…

photo courtesy of jillianmichaels.com

OH!  Yes.  While we were on vacation, I picked up Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown.  I couldn’t wait to get started!  Then I couldn’t wait to stop.  Yoga- not my thing.  I did give it a full week.  I often felt like I was going to fly away or slide of my yoga mat.  Pass on that.

Took another week off (cause I wanted to!) and here I am…  I think I’m five or six days in to a new 30 days.  I lost count.  But I won’t move onto the next level until I’m not sore the day after anymore.  (that may take a while)

I’m tired of feeling fat.   I’m tired of looking fat.

I’m going to lose more weight before my cousin’s wedding next year.  Watch, I won’t even be invited and I’m doing all this work…  Fuck it, at least I’ll look good…

I keep hoping that the weather will warm up so I can start walking in the evenings and maybe get the hubster involved.  Maybe then I’ll start having sex with him again. And he can stop eating ice cream in front of me while I work out. Yep.  Thanks babe!

Does anyone else hear Sloth from Goonies?  Ro-cky Road?  Heh heh.

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