The one where I talk about my dog’s balls…

I know… I haven’t been around much lately… I really don’t have any excuse…  blame Facebook… And my kids… and my inability to put down a book… GAH!

Anyway, this week’s Mama Kat’s writing prompts had me in a tizzy.

“This Week’s Prompts
1.) A promise.
2.) I thought my child was going to _______, but instead he/she _______.

3.) Tell us something you learned about a grandparent that surprised you.

4.) List 7 things your pet thought about today.

5.) Spring fashion is in the air! Put together and share an Spring outfit you’d like someone with money to buy you.”

I just couldn’t help myself…

Most of you who know me personally, have met Chewey (of course not his real name although sometimes I wish I’d named him that) my year and a half old Siberian Husky.

My former Fluffernutter... now he's all fluff and no nuts. :O

Chewey (or “Dumbass” as I affectionately call him) has been the center of my world lately as last week we had him neutered in an attempt to get him to stop peeing on the furniture.

So without further ado, here’s my post taken from Mama Kat’s Writing Prompt…

4.) List 7 things your pet thought about today.

7. I’m up! Who’s up? I’m up! Who’s up? You’re up? Oh boy! oh Boy! Hey wait…  where’re my balls??

6. Are you going to feed me??  Huh??  You got some food for me??  C’mon, I know you got some food for me!  Where’s my food??  Have you seen my balls?

5. Are we going to walk?  I wanna walk!  Are we gonna walk?? Oh boy!  We’re gonna walk! Maybe I’ll find my balls…

4. Bitch!  Take this thing off me!! (He’s referring to his head collar.  He does not like it.,) I wonder what will happen if I jump on that guy??  Maybe he has my balls…

3. Another dog??  Oh boy another dog!!  C’mon Mom, let’s go see the other dog so I can pee on him and sniff his butt!  Maybe he knows where my balls are…

2. Play??  Play, play play??  Where’re my balls??

1. Wait a minute…  WHERE ARE  MY BALLS??

Ok, so maybe that wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be…  Pish!  Whatever…  Where’s my book?

And to the man whose balls my dog clipped… I am eternally sorry!  Bad dog!!

Mama’s Losin’ It

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